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With our Hygge in a Box subscription, we seek to make your life a little more hyggelig by bringing a few special items right to your door. From candles to fill your home with relaxing scents and flickering light, to sweet treats and soft textiles, we have included all kinds of products in our box thus far.

With our latest offering, we’re branching out for a cause that is close to our hearts. We have collaborated with Manitoba-based designer Marla Fehr-Sinclair, owner of Marni LuHu Designs, to create two custom-designed necklaces. Marla began her business when she was recovering from cancer, and found inspiration in creating meaningful pieces with mindful words. She infuses love and positivity into every piece she makes.

We have also put a bit of ourselves into this special product, and are thrilled to donate a portion of the proceeds from every necklace sale to a worthy cause, Baby’s Breath.  Founded in 1973, Baby’s Breath is Canada’s only national foundation focused on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and the organization has recently expanded its focus to all sudden and unexpected infant deaths. They do incredible work that we are so proud to support.

Our founders, Jill Kantor and Lisa Kroft, selected this organization because of a personal connection they had to it. Both women are mothers and have had their own difficulties related to children and birth. Though her second child was born healthy, Lisa had a traumatic birth that nearly led to the loss of her life. Jill experienced the tragic loss of her second daughter (you can read her full story and path to hygge here) and found herself working through grief by getting out in nature and trying to find a way to nurture a connection between herself and the world around her. In those quiet moments, Jill realized that it wasn’t the activities themselves that were crucial to her healing process, but rather the mindful approach to life that those activities provoked. Our boxes contain physical products that encourage the cultivation of that mindful state of being, and our necklaces have a direct link to those quiet moments Jill experienced while working through her grief.



The first necklace features a 13mm sterling pinecone charm, oxidized to showcase the intricate details of the piece. This charm will keep nature close to you at all times and encourage you to savor the small details in life.



The other necklace combines three delicate charms that all represent something about the hygge lifestyle. The first charm, a 9mm sterling silver disc with ‘hygge’ embossed on it, is a reminder to stay mindful. Each letter of the word is individually stamped, encouraging people to take things one day at a time and to find words to treasure and meditate on. The next charm, a pinecone, reminds the wearer to turn to nature and seek joy in the simple things in life. The final piece on the necklace is a single freshwater pearl.

As many may know, pearls are formed through hardship. Something works its way into the safety of an oyster shell and begins to tear things up from the inside out — it’s a lot like grief in that way. The process of pearl production itself is unpleasant and features many difficult moments, but the end result is one perfect object that proves there’s something beautiful at the end of the struggle.

These necklaces are our pearl to you, a small, beautiful reminder that you can wear close to your heart as you work through the struggles and difficulties of life.

It is our belief that hygge lives within you, and you can carry it anywhere you go. We hope you will find joy and healing with this new addition to our offerings.

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