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How Our Seasonal Subscription Works


We curate your box full of beautiful and cozy hygge inspired items.


We send you a box four times per year in October, January, April and July.


You receive your box, then start enjoying a sense of calm and coziness all year round.

Best box

Well that was the best box EVER!!!!! Wow wow WOW!!

Jill Atnikov

This is the first time ever that I have sent a comment regarding any product of any kind. You may be interested to know, because I am so inspired by my Hygge Box!

Today I was given a Hygge Box by a very dear friend. It truly is happiness in a box filled with wonderful treasures. Perfect gift for the lead up to Christmas entertaining. I will enjoy my Box this evening. I'm interested in the subscription boxes offer. Thank You!


Your Holiday Box is amazing too!! I especially love the scents of the candle and the bath salts. *swoon!* And the book sounds wonderful! Thank you so much.



Oh my goodness. I LOVE my box!!!! You just made my week - thank you so much.

I’m writing to let you know how much I love my first subscription box. It arrived on my birthday and was filled with so many wonderful items that it made my day extra special! Thank you for taking so much care in choosing each of the items you include in the boxes, each piece you chose is lovely & so very appreciated! I can’t wait for the Holiday box to arrive.

I don’t normally leave reviews for the other three subscription boxes that I have but I felt compelled to share my thoughts about Hygge Canada. I just received my first Hygge Box and I am so thrilled. Every item has been thoughtfully curated and the items are unlike others I have ever received. I am so impressed by the packaging, quality of products and incorporation of Canadian brands. I can’t wait for my next box to arrive. This is a box I would proudly give as a luxury gift. Every item is amazing. Great job!

THANK YOU FOR MY BOX! I love it! Already got into the toffee last night obviously. Especially keen on this beautiful mug.


Wow! I just opened my first Hygge box last night. I knew it would be good and I knew it would have class coming from the 2 of you but I have to tell you I am so impressed. The detail from the box, to the tissue and sticker and the incredible contents! Wow!!! I loved every part of it. You hit all feel and senses. Well done. The toffee was incredible (and I try not eat sugar), the avocado sock (I’m going to buy a hard avocado on purpose) and everything else, incredible!

My special delivery arrived and I have already gotten a couple of other people in the office going to the website. What a nice way to start a Monday!


"These boxes are SO beautiful - seriously such beautiful, unique little treats! I knew they would be lovely, but I’m blown away by the details. I can’t wait to gift your boxes to others (... and myself) as a pick-me-up or treat. Thanks again, this really made my Sunday afternoon, congrats on shipping your first set of boxes!"


Canadian Subscription Box Award Winner

Award Winning


We were so honoured to win Best New Box from A Year of Boxes for the 2019 Canadian Subscription Box Awards.

We can’t wait for you to experience our award winning Hygge in a Box for yourself!

Countdown to Order the October Box

Ready to find your hygge moment?

Hygge is about slowing down, being mindful and feeling happy from the inside out. With that in mind, each carefully curated box will include select items to bring you warmth, light, nourishment, comfort, connection, joy and ultimately bring you hyggelig moments.

We can’t wait to share our specially curated boxes with you!


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