The Summer 2020 Box


Though many associate hygge with the chilly winter season, we believe that hygge should be a part of your life throughout the whole year. You can find ways to bring the principles into your daily routine, even during the warmest months. We’ve curated a box that will bring a dose of sommerhygge into the season.

Reach out to a friend

With all the incredible technology available nowadays, it’s easier than ever to reach out to friends and loved ones — but often, we just don’t make the time to do so. We suggest you disconnect for a while and throw it back to an earlier era by penning a hand-written note to someone special in your life. Who wouldn’t want to receive that delightful surprise in the mail?

First, light the delicious candle from Campy Home to set the mood. We’ve selected the ‘Long Weekend’ scent, which will have you feeling like you’re in a cabin by the lake, even if you’re just taking a moment of stillness on a busy Tuesday. Allow the scent of pine, cinnamon and vanilla musk to fill the air as you find your favourite writing tools.

Then, select your card — we’ve included two greeting cards with art from Desiree Penner Watercolours. The breathtaking nature scenes on the front can be put on display as art in your friend’s home, and the inside is blank, so you can write whatever message you desire.

Take time to pamper yourself  

We love to feature items from brands that align with our values, and often these companies have so many incredible products we have to go back to them! Long-time subscribers may remember the cozy Pokoloko gloves from a previous box, but for summer, we’ve opted to include a Turkish towel from the same brand. The pale gray and cream striped pattern will go with any home decor, and the large size and thin fabric of the towel means it can be used for so many different things. Yes, you can certainly take it to the beach or use it on a spa night. However, you could also lay it out on the grass in your backyard for a little early morning yoga session, use it as a light yet cozy throw while curling up with a good book or movie, or even wrap it around yourself as a scarf to combat any chilly air-conditioned buildings you might enter.

We also have an all-natural lip set from TiliaLime in the forest berry scent. Most of us have a lip balm tossed in our bag that we might hurriedly swipe on while running errands, but the two-step set makes for a more mindful, nurturing process. First, prep your lips with the lip scrub — it smells good enough to eat, and will have your pout feeling moisturized and amazing. Then, apply the balm in the same delicious scent for the full experience.

Bring joy and beauty to even the most ordinary moments

Given the current state of the world, having another bottle of hand sanitizer is always a plus — so we’ve included one from the brand The Raw Office, a Toronto-based company that donates 1% of all revenues to environmental charities.

We also have an incredible product that will turn the oh-so-necessary act of frequent hand-washing into an absolute treat. Sealuxe creates a unique single-serving hand soap that is made to look like beach glass, in breathtaking pastel hues from pale blue to sea foam green. It comes in a beautiful clear glass jar that you can display in your bathroom, or you can even bring a few small soap pieces along with you for activities such as camping.

Wearing an accessory that reminds you to stop and take a mindful moment throughout your day can be a fantastic way to incorporate more hygge into your life, which is why we love the gemstone bracelet from Drops of Gratitude — and, it’s a DIY kit, so you can create the perfect design just for you. Learn a little bit about crystals, nature’s jewelry, by looking up the stones that the beads in the kit are crafted from. Then, to truly bring joy to your every moment, follow the kit’s directions for adding the ‘Happiness’ essential oil to the lava beads. The unique blend has a burst of citrus freshness thanks to the orange, lemon, mandarin and clementine oils, and a hint of sweetness and floral notes from the vanilla and bergamot.

Gather over a delicious meal

When the warm weather hits, we all want to head outside for some al fresco dining. We’ve included two recipe cards that will help you craft the perfect meal for enjoying outdoors. First, we have a recipe for a fresh, delicious blueberry salad — and, you can tailor it to your taste or the farmer’s market offerings by substituting other berries as well. We also have a recipe for a grilled BBQ pizza which is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Our final recipe, courtesy of Abiding Citizen, is for a fruity cocktail. The beverage incorporates the lavender bitters we’ve included in the box — the perfect floral addition for summer months — as well as a blend of gin, St. Germaine, lime, and strawberry shrub. It’s a luxurious, refreshing treat to sip on a warm summer evening while you enjoy some time on a patio or balcony.

Finally, because it’s a pleasure to treat yourself to a little something sweet after a good meal, we’ve included some treats from Papabubble. The mixture features several colours and flavours of hard candies that would look absolutely gorgeous displayed in your kitchen.