Why Hygge in a Box?


Like many, you may be asking yourself “what is hygge” & “how on earth do you pronounce it?” First, hygge is a Danish word used when acknowledging a special feeling or moment.  While there’s no one English word to describe it, the Oxford dictionary states: “Hygge is quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment that promotes emotional well-being”.  Hygge is being mindfully aware of the fullness of your life. This awareness brings gratitude and only expands as you begin to savour special moments each and everyday. You begin to feel a true state of just ‘being’ … well, another way to say it … feeling happy!

Essentially, it is a state of mind, an attitude, a feeling… it is being present, authentic, content in the now, without thinking about it.

And, second, it’s not pronounced as ‘hi-gee’ it is in fact ‘hue-gah’.

In todays day and age, we are becoming so disconnected from the world around us, with others and with ourselves.  We are running from one item on our to-do list to the next, we are staring at some  type of screen all day, we are sleeping fewer and fewer hours and we are experiencing burn out at staggering rates.  Then there are issues like nature deficit disorder, seasonal affectiveness disorder, depression, winter blues and all sorts of stress related issues.  At some point (and hopefully sooner) we need to find a way to get off the hamster wheel, slow down and force ourselves to take a deep breath to ‘just be’. Applying simple hygge concepts, treating ourselves to much needed ‘me time’ can be just the thing to help you keep your sanity and your health.

We didn’t develop Hygge in a Box with the concept that you will feel instant hygge, it doesn’t work that way.  One can’t ‘buy’ hygge, one can only ‘feel’ hygge as at its core, it is being in & enjoying the moment. The main concepts of hygge are deeply connected to the idea of slowness & simplicity; to truly hygge you need to slow down long enough to fully embrace the beauty of it.   With that in mind, we created Hygge in a Box to deliver some seriously needed coziness for those who could benefit from the health aspects of taking care of yourself, slowing down and carving out a few moments to say ‘ah’… it’s hygge time.

Ultimately, when you successfully slow down enough to cultivate mindfulness, you are one step closer to living a happier life, a life with hygge.

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