The Winter 2023 Box

Whether you’re donning all your warmest winter gear for a frosty walk or cozying up in front of a fire, winter is perhaps the season that lends itself most easily to incorporating all things hygge. The items we’ve curated for this box will help you embrace the hygge spirit throughout the season in several different ways — we hope you enjoy them! 

Linger over a leisurely breakfast 

While breakfast most days likely involves something quick or on the go, try to pick one day of the week where you can spend a bit of extra time lingering over a delicious meal in a cozy atmosphere.

Since winter mornings can be rather dark, start by lighting a few candles or plugging in some twinkle lights for a soft glow. Put on a playlist that fills you with joy and since baking is a very hygge activity, whip up a batch of scones.

The Lannie Rae Gourmet strawberry cream scone mix makes the process completely foolproof and before you know it, a mouthwatering aroma will be filling your kitchen. Drizzle your scones with Crescent Acres Farm raw honey — or add a bit to sweeten your preferred warm beverage — and enjoy them fresh out of the oven, steam still rising through the air. And, since the honey is contained in a stunning glass jar with cork topper, it can be left on display for use throughout the season. 

Harness the power of scent to create a hygge ambience

Candles are often what people think of when it comes to decor with a scent element, and while we adore candles, in this box we’ve included two other unique options for you to try out.

First, the perfect way to introduce scent without having to monitor any flames, a reed diffuser. The Baltic Club’s diffuser comes in a gorgeous amber bottle with chic black reeds and minimalist accents. The intriguing combination of earthy notes like sandalwood, sage and patchouli and the fresh, fruity fragrance of mango and tangerine makes for a scent that’s simultaneously moody and refreshing. 

Another fragrant decor piece — crafted exclusively for our subscription box — comes from Foraged Fire Starters. The small puck can be used to start an outdoor or indoor fire to cozy up around on a frosty evening, the aroma of sweet orange, vanilla and clove perfuming the air. However, unlike many other fire starters, this one is topped with several natural elements such as pinecones and dried flower petals, making it a beautiful piece to display until you're ready to burn it. 

Refresh your evening routine 

Though you may have certain skincare staples you rely on to combat the winter chill, why not add a few new products into the mix and wrap your day up with a dose of mindfulness? 

A hot shower can feel so luxurious on a cold evening, and the Pearl & Moss Botanicals menthol eucalyptus aroma steamers transform your simple shower into a spa-like experience. Plus, the herbal scent is uniquely suited to soothing coughs and congestion, which afflict many during the winter season.

You can display the steamer for your next shower in the SarahBee Pottery mini petal dish, allowing the subtle aroma to waft through your bathroom before use. However, if you're looking for ways to make your shower routine a bit more eco-friendly by swapping out plastic bottles, the dish is also a fantastic way to store bar shampoo or conditioner.

Finish off your routine by applying the sleep remedy aromatherapy roll-on from Duo Senses, an item included for our quarterly subscribers. The blend of lavender, geranium, tea tree and Roman chamomile essential oils is a cozy, tranquil fragrance for your pre-bed skincare routine. Consider building in an added element of mindfulness by reflecting on your day as you inhale the scent wafting off your pulse points and prepare your mind for sleep. 

Put away your digital devices and try out a mindful hobby 

While we encourage making time for all kinds of hobbies that bring you happiness, there’s something special about a repetitive art like embroidery that is ideal for fostering mindfulness. The kit from Hook Line & Tinker will allow you to create a stunning Scandi-folk style polar bear art piece to display in your home — take it stitch by stitch and really immerse yourself in the creative process. 

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