The Summer Edition Box 2021

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While the world is slowly beginning to open up again, many are choosing to continue limiting their travel for now — luckily, the Summer Edition Box is filled with items perfectly suited for a luxurious and mindful stay-cation. Celebrate Sommerhygge by taking some time to rest and rejuvenate, right where you are.

Bring the vacation vibes to your own home 

It’s an absolute pleasure to see new sights, savour new flavours, and go on fun adventures while on vacation, but a big part of what makes vacations so rejuvenating is the mindset — you’re taking time away from your busy schedule and pampering yourself. Well, you can do that at home as well! 

First, set the mood by lighting the candle from Campy Home. We’ve included the aptly named “Life’s a Beach” scent, which will fill your space with the fruity aroma of cranberry and peach. Whether you burn it while soaking in a bubble bath or while enjoying some sunshine on the patio, you can’t go wrong. And, since many of our favourite sweet treats like chocolate can melt in the summer heat, we’ve taken a page out of the Nordic nations’ candy-obsessed book and included a charcuterie candy box from Boxed Bites. The Montreal-based brand curates a mix of different sweet treats in every box, so you get a little bit of everything. 

Then, mix up a fun mocktail or cocktail to sip — and you don’t have to worry about doing any of the bartending, we’ve got that covered for you as well. The margarita poppers from Baltic Bros. have all the vibrant, citrusy flavours you love in an icy margarita, without any of the hassle — simply pop the little flavour bomb into some sparkling water, add your preferred spirit if desired, and enjoy! 

There’s nothing quite like spending a few hours kicking back with a fun beach read, which is precisely why we’ve included Emily Henry’s novel People We Meet On Vacation in the box. The #1 New York Times bestseller features a friends-to-lovers story with plenty of exotic destinations referenced, so you can travel vicariously through the characters, Poppy and Alex. 

Since vacations are all about pampering yourself, we’ve added a Chill Out Aloe Vera Soothing Essential Oil spray from k'Pure Naturals. It smells incredible, can be applied in a fine mist, and has multiple uses. If you’ve spent a little too long out in the elements, it helps soothe your skin from issues like sun exposure or windburn. Or, if you just want to add a little dose of hygge to your everyday skincare routine, you can incorporate the spray as a hydrating daily toner that will give you that post-vacation glow.

If all that time in the sunshine has you craving something tart and crunchy, try out our family favourite recipe for dill pickles, included on a recipe card. The recipe is one that our co-founders Jill and Lisa made every year growing up with their parents and precious “Grammie” — traditions are such a wonderful way to incorporate hygge and mindfulness into your life.

Add some new summer accessories into your wardrobe and explore your city

Just because you’re not going to a whole new destination doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of an adventure right where you live— and we’ve got a few items to help.

First, a custom “Hello Hygge” tote bag that’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter. The chic, minimalist design will go with any outfit, and it’s spacious enough to carry everything from fresh produce at your local farmer’s market to a few essentials for a quick day trip. 

Since temperatures can sometimes dip in summer evenings, adding a hint of chill to the air, it’s always great to bring a lightweight scarf along with you on your adventures. The cream-coloured scarf from Leo & Bea is buttery soft, and the thin fabric folds up into a compact package perfect for tossing in the tote. 

Finally, if you need a little extra dose of beauty, accessorize with the gemstone bracelet from The Elephant Designs. The piece is crafted from semi-precious stones and smudged with sage for spiritual cleansing — and as an added bonus, a percentage of every sale gets donated to an animal sanctuary.

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