The Summer 2023 Box


It’s hard to resist the urge to spend most of your time outdoors in the summer, when the sun shines from early in the morning until late in the evening and all the flowers and plants are in full bloom. 

Whether you prefer to pack your schedule full of fun summer activities that have you constantly on the go or to simply spend your time lounging and relaxing in the shade, the items in this season’s box will help you infuse the hygge spirit into your summer plans.

Pack some refreshing summer fare and go on an adventure

There’ll be plenty of time to curl up indoors in the cooler seasons of the year, wrapping yourself up in a knit blanket in front of the fire. For now, take advantage of the summer weather by setting out on a few adventures — set up a slice of paradise in your own yard, venture out somewhere in your neighbourhood or city, or plan a short day trip to a scenic spot nearby. 

While you can always try to find some refreshments along the way, we love bringing along a few carefully selected items that make any outing a little more special (and delicious).

First, since hydration is crucial during the summer, pack a water bottle filled with the Sunny Days iced tea blend from Bush Berry. The loose leaf tea brews into a refreshing concoction with notes of citrus, mint and honey bush. And, while the iced tea is amazing just as it is, we also included a recipe card with some tips for creating a fun mocktail if you're looking to further level up your beverage.

To snack on, the lemon coconut squares from The Lemon Square are packed with quintessentially summer flavours of citrus and coconut, which combine into a zesty, tropical masterpiece. 

And, since both the iced tea and squares come in a multi-serving format, you can either enjoy them on a few separate adventures solo, or pack enough to serve up for an outing with friends. 


If solo adventuring is more your style, a great summer read is something you should always have with you — there’s nothing we love more than finding a scenic spot and spending a few hours soaking in the sunshine and immersing ourselves in a great story. Meet Me at the Lake, by Canadian author Carley Fortune, is a love story set in a quaint lakeside locale that will transport you to another world and sweep you away with a tale of self-discovery and serendipity.

Protect yourself from UV rays and pesky critters 

While there are many benefits to spending time outdoors, you do want to ensure you’re protecting yourself from things like harmful UV rays and painful bug bites. We’ve included two products in the box that will help you do just that. 

Wherever your adventures take you, make sure to bring along the Reflector SPF 30 Facial Sun Protection from Cocoon Apothecary — it comes in an easily transportable tube with a screw-on lid that will prevent it from accidentally leaking all over your bag. 

The product is well-suited to even the most sensitive skin, thanks to the nourishing shea butter, rice bran oil and buriti oil (and the fact that it’s a mineral-based formula rather than a chemical formula). Even better, it’s reef-safe, so you can wear it while spending time in the water without worrying about contaminating any ecosystems.


Then, keep any critters at bay by burning the Patio Time candle from Serendipity Soy Candles. The aroma of lemongrass, citronella and soil is perfect for the summer season, and your skin will thank you for helping keep the bug bites to a minimum. As an added bonus, burning a candle will create a very hygge ambience, transforming your porch or deck into a cozy space you won’t want to leave.

Incorporate eco-friendly products into your routine 

In order to continue enjoying nature for decades to come, we have to take care of the planet — that’s why we place such a high priority on incorporating eco-friendly products in our daily rhythms and routines whenever possible.

The Plantish eucalyptus pop-up sponge is a versatile addition to any home, whether you opt to keep it in the kitchen or use it outdoors to wipe things down after your excursions. The innovative product merely requires water, and you’ll instantly have a 100% vegetable cellulose sponge with an adorable illustrated design. It’s durable enough for tough messes, won’t leave your items scratched, and dries very quickly — and when you’re done with it, it’s completely compostable and biodegradable. 

You can also bring nature into your space with the plant propagation station from LivCan Design. The chic, minimalist design with a wood base and glass tubes will look stunning in any home, and you can use the station to propagate any plants your heart desires, transforming a simple plant cutting into a thriving plant. Or, if you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can use it to store and display fresh herbs or delicate flowers. 

Sow the seeds for a friendship to bloom 

Most of us nowadays reach out to friends digitally, sending them a quick text message or giving them a call to make plans. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it makes getting a thoughtful handwritten message all the more impactful — and the act of writing a handwritten note is definitely a hygge way to spend a few minutes.

The stunning watercolour card from Plantable Greetings is the perfect way to send a note to a friend letting them know you’re thinking of them. They can display the watercolour nature scene on the front of the card as a work of art for a while, and when they’re ready, the entire card can be planted, eventually evolving from a piece of paper into a burst of blooming wildflowers.

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