The Spring 2023 Box

Spring is a season of renewal filled with sensory delights, from the scent of fresh blossoms in the air to the reemergence of vibrant colours in nature to the longer hours of sunshine every day. Mindfulness will help ensure you’re not missing out on all the beauty of the season — and the carefully selected items included in this spring box will encourage you to incorporate hygge into your daily rhythms.

Revive your routine with spring scents 

While a long, relaxing bath can be a wonderful luxury in any season, we love finding ways to make even a quick shower more special — and the shower steamers from Naturally Vain do just that. 

The steamers are all crafted with organic ingredients and essential oils, and the selection ensures you’ll have something for every need that may arise in your day. The Wake Up steamer, with its invigorating citrus scent, will help get your morning off to an energized start. The Breathe steamer is scented with eucalyptus, ideal for if you’re feeling under the weather or simply want to be surrounded by nature’s herbaceous aromas, while the Dream steamer makes the perfect lavender-scented addition to your evening routine as you wind down for bed.

And, when you need to bring a little nature and hygge ambience into your home, the candle from Kat & Gio scented with pine, eucalyptus and camphor is a great solution. If you close your eyes once the aroma fills your space, you’ll be transported to a peaceful forest, with the wood wick providing a calming, crackling campfire sound. These soy-based candles are also topped with crystals — this candle’s selected crystals are designed to help strengthen, ground and protect, something all of us could use going into a new season. 

Spend some mindful moments in the kitchen

Spring offers an abundance of incredible produce that will have you excited to spend some time in the kitchen crafting colourful, nutrient-packed dishes. While the stunning floral-print headband from Peach & Poppyseed comes in handy any time of day, whether during your skincare routine or when you’re working out and nurturing your physical and mental health, we particularly love it as a way to keep your hair out of the way while you’re getting in touch with your inner chef.

To help guide your culinary creativity, we’ve included the fantastic More Mandy’s cookbook. The book's recipes include several sweet treats, breakfast options, and even cozy soups for year-round inspiration. However, the star of the show are all the inventive salads. With this cookbook in hand, you can bid farewell to boring salads and start serving up fresh, lively meals that nourish you from within while highlighting the incredible seasonal offerings. As an added bonus, the approach to cooking within this book prizes simplicity and coziness, making it a wonderfully hygge choice to add to your cookbook collection.

And, when you’re looking to indulge in a leisurely weekend brunch, the cinnamon doughnut pancake mix from Maison Zoe Ford is our new favourite option. The juxtaposition of the fluffy pancake interior and the slightly crisp, sugary, cinnamon-scented exterior of these pancakes will have you reaching for seconds as you linger over coffee and good conversation with your loved ones. The flavour of these pancakes also makes them the perfect foundation for any fresh fruit, so feel free to pair them with whatever’s ripe and in season in your area.  

Sip a cup of tea and indulge in something that fills your soul

Whatever the season, there’s something so wonderfully hygge about lingering over a warm drink and taking a few quiet moments to yourself. The Coco Rose Earl Grey Tea from Lake & Oak Tea Co. is a fun twist on a classic, combining aromatic bergamot with toasted coconut, cinnamon and rose petals for a floral, springtime treat.

The jar makes 24 cups of tea, so we encourage you to use this tea as a way to carve out time in your schedule for consistently doing something that fills your soul. Every day when you brew it, allow the aroma of the tea to signal to your mind that it’s time to switch gears and focus on an activity that brings you joy. If you’re looking for something hygge-inspired, we recommend going for walks outdoors, reading while curled up in a cozy spot, or crafting. 

To help with your new tea ritual, we’ve also included a Gold Goddess Tea Strainer from the same company, an exclusive for our quarterly subscribers. One of the reasons we love loose-leaf tea is because it allows you to engage much more mindfully in every step of the process — pay attention to the aroma of the hot water hitting the dried tea leaves and the way the hue of your beverage changes as it steeps. This beautiful addition to your kitchen will make crafting each cup of tea feel that much more magical. 

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