The Spring 2021 Box

The ground is thawing, pops of green are poking through, and cheery animals have come back out to play — Forårshygge is here! The items in our spring box will help you kick the season off with a healthy dose of hygge.

Invigorate your senses

For the fall and winter seasons, we absolutely love warming scents like clove and cinnamon, but when spring rolls around, it’s time to mix up the aromas in your space. We’ve included a bag of lemongrass shower steamers from Apt.6 that will have you feeling as though your bathroom has been transformed into a luxurious spa. Scented with an essential oil blend, the lemongrass and orange aroma is herbaceous and bright — perfect for spring! Incorporate these aromatic powerhouses into your shower routine for a refreshing start to your day.

Take a mindful moment

This isn’t the first time we’ve included a notebook in the box, and it likely won’t be the last, because there is just something so therapeutic about putting pen to paper. Whether you’re a fan of creative Morning Pages, are nurturing a written gratitude practice, or simply want a beautiful spot to make your daily to-do list, the notebook from Do Good Paper Co. in this box will serve you well. The watercolour-style eucalyptus print is gorgeous, and the simple lined pages make it incredibly versatile. 

Double down on your mindfulness by lighting a candle during your journaling or list-making. The combination of the scent and flickering light of candles makes them such a soothing addition to any room, and the pint-sized one we’ve picked out from Hygge Life would be perfect anywhere from your kitchen to your bedroom. The soft marshmallow scent is delectable, and will have your space smelling like an absolute dream. And, since we love to incorporate sustainability whenever possible, we’re thrilled that the candle comes in a ceramic vessel with a modern, minimalist black stand that could be repurposed as a mini succulent planter. 


Nourish your body

The temperature outside may be rising, but that doesn’t mean we’re quite ready to say goodbye to warming soups. We’ve selected a tomato quinoa soup from Simply Delish —  you may recognize the brand from previous boxes — and it is the perfect mixture of spring flavours. Add in any seasonal vegetables you have on hand and you’ll have a simmering pot of soup in no time at all. Just as a hot cup of tea can be a soothing, comforting ritual throughout the year, there’s something so grounding about a bowl of soup.

While delicious by itself, for a heartier meal, pair the soup with a Danish open-faced sandwich. We included a recipe card in the box if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration.

We also love to add in small treats to bring a bit of sweetness to your day, and this box contains a package of hand-crafted caramels from Charlie Girl Goods. The rich, buttery morsels are the perfect finish to any meal — or a lovely addition to your afternoon cup of coffee. 

Make your everyday necessities more beautiful

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact so many areas in the world, we’ve included a few items that might be helpful as we all slowly transition back into whatever version of normal awaits us.

Frequent hand-washing is still a constant in all of our daily lives, so why not making the process a bit more luxurious? We’ve included a bar of Bon Bon Soap from Soap So. Co., and the creamy base with colourful bubbles will add a touch of whimsy to any bathroom. Plus, the floral, fresh orange blossom scent will make you feel like you’re spending a quiet moment in a spring meadow.

To incorporate a bit of nature into your space, rest the colourful bar on the soap dish we’ve included from Wild Prairie Soap Company. The natural stones will add a hint of zen to your bathroom, and as an added perk, using a soap dish helps to extend the life of your bar of soap. We’ve also included a sample of the company’s soap to try out, for when it’s time to replenish your stock. 

And, because you can never have too many pouches for storage and organization, we included a zippered bag from StufF. The company creates items from off-cuts and discounted fabric samples (a major sustainability win), and the small size of the bag we’ve selected means it’s perfect for containing a few necessary items. Why not toss in a fresh face mask, some hand sanitizer, and lotion for your dry hands as a little emergency kit for when you venture out into the world?

Finally, we always like to include a bonus item in our seasonal boxes for our quarterly subscribers as a way of expressing our gratitude for their support. For the spring box, we have a macramé keychain from Peach and Poppyseed that will add a boho chic vibe to your keys or bag.

Spring is one of the most magical times of the year — make sure to enjoy the crisp breeze and breathtaking blossoms that make the season so special!

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