The Spring 2020 Box


The snow is melting, the first blossoms are tentatively poking through the soil, the birds are chirping — it’s officially Forårshygge! We have curated a collection of products that will help you incorporate hygge into the spring season.


Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe during the current pandemic is a major priority for everyone right now, and we’ve tried to make things easier for you with the inclusion of two cleansing products.

The first is a hand and surface spray from Whipped Cosmetics that can be tossed into any bag and brought with you, wherever you go. The fragrant essential oil blend of lavender and lemon will brighten your day, and the 74% alcohol content will ensure you’re effectively battling any germs you may encounter. The second product, an extra item we included for our subscribers, is a foaming hand soap by Charleston & Harlow that will have you feeling like you’re on a tropical vacation every time you lather up. The “Guavana Nights” scent we’ve selected features the aroma of ripe guava, tangy lemonade and juicy strawberries. It creates a luxurious lather, and will make every crucial hand washing experience a treat.


With many of us spending more and more time at home and even working remotely, it can be crucial to your mental well-being to find ways to take some time to unwind. Now is the perfect time to introduce the concept of fika into your life. For those who aren’t familiar, fika is essentially the Swedish version of a coffee break — but it’s so much more than that. It’s a small portion of your day in which you can slow down, sip and savor some sweet treats, and introduce a moment of stillness and satisfaction.

To kick start your coffee break, we’ve included a bag of dark roast coffee from Löfbergs, imported straight from Sweden. The blend has a bold, nutty flavor and incredible aroma that will fill your home. Sip a steaming cup alongside whoever you may be quarantined with, or call up a friend for a virtual coffee date. We’ve also included a delicious handcrafted chocolate bar with toffee and nuts from Ma’s Kitchen to enjoy alongside your cup of coffee. The smooth milk chocolate paired with a delightful crunch from the toppings and the rich, buttery toffee base makes it the perfect pairing for your afternoon brew.

The box also features a bread basket from Woven Handmade, crafted from 100% cotton with a stunning minimalist aesthetic. Embracing things that are unique and handcrafted is certainly hygge, and we love that every basket is an artisan product — no one will have the exact same one as you. The possibilities for incorporating hygge into your kitchen with this product are endless. If you prefer a lighter coffee break, the basket can hold a few pieces of fresh fruit. If you love to bake, it’s the perfect vessel for homemade muffins to be enjoyed alongside your coffee. It can even transition from fika to dinnertime seamlessly. Look for the recipe card in the box that outlines how to make a delectable coconut cauliflower curry. Why not bring the basket to the table, filled with warm naan bread, to accompany your comforting meal? Just make sure to line your handcrafted basket with linen to keep the cotton fresh.

You’ll also find a dose of inspiration in the book we included, Scandinavian Gatherings. It will quickly become your go-to resource for any hygge-inspired event, from a Nordic brunch to a woodland tea party. The book features recipes you can try out, as well as crafts you can make to bring the Scandinavian spirit into every corner of your home. It even has instructions for crafting your own fika mugs — there couldn’t be a more perfect vessel to enjoy your daily Löfbergs dark roast.


Once you’ve enjoyed a day filled with hot beverages, sweet treats, and moments with loved ones, carve out some time to pamper your body and mind. We’ve included a trio of products that will set the tone for an amazing home spa night.

First, light the candle from Mysa Candles — aptly named, given that the Swedish word mysa refers to moments where we can relax and recharge. Their candles are handcrafted in small batches, and feature a clean-burning wood wick that will provide a cozy crackling sound as it burns. The candle we included has a strawberry and cilantro aroma that is fresh, fruity and perfect for spring. This particular candle burns for 45 to 50 hours, so it can accompany you on bubble baths for the entire season! Sustainability is also a major component of hygge, and we’re proud to say that once you’ve reached the bottom of your candle, you can use the container as a glass. 

With flickering candlelight creating a relaxing ambiance, open the jar of body scrub from Prairie Potions and enjoy buffing away the worries of the day with a luxurious, natural product. The scrub features coconut and rice bran oils that will leave your skin feeling moisturized and incredibly soft, and the scent of pink grapefruit and tangerine essential oils will bring a burst of citrus freshness to your bath. Even the experience of dipping your fingertips into the pot of soft scrub will bring a small moment of joy to your day.

Finish your evening with a few minutes of meditation and aromatherapy using the lavender eye pillow from Lil’ Yogis. The cotton exterior will feel incredible against your clean, moisturized skin, and the lavender scent is perfect for winding down before bed. The versatile product can either be warmed up for a comforting experience or cooled down for a refreshing feel, and you can wrap up a busy day by laying back and taking a few deep breaths while the weighted mask covers your tired eyes.


We’ve also included an extra bonus for those who want to continue to work on improving their well-being during the season. In your box, you’ll find a code offering a 50% discount on The Happiness Course from 42 Courses, presented by Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book Of Hygge. We have also included a free coaching program with coach Alex Baisley, founder of the Big Dream Program.

Open up your windows, let in the fresh air, and take a deep breath — it’s Forårshygge, and you deserve a dose of self-care.

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