The Hygge Holiday Box 2023

It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed during the holiday season, which is why it’s so valuable to prioritize incorporating hygge whenever possible. That’s exactly what the items in this box will help you do. Instead of overcommitting and striving for perfection at all costs this holiday season, be mindful as you cultivate a cozy atmosphere and focus on spending time with loved ones. 

Embrace the beauty of winter

An appreciation for nature shouldn't be reserved solely for warm weather seasons — there’s something absolutely enchanting about snowflakes floating through the crisp winter air to blanket the ground, a layer of ice sparkling on every surface. 

Consider bundling up and heading out for a winter walk. The Fazl handcrafted mittens are the ideal accessory for winter wandering (they also pair perfectly with the Fazl knit hat from the recent winter box). Either head out solo for a mindful stroll where you truly take in the peaceful surroundings, or bring a friend and explore a new area together. 

To combat any effects of the harsh cold on your skin, once you return home, slather on the Buttermint Intense Hand and Foot Rescue from Rose & Rebel. We also love incorporating this product into your evening routine, applying it before bed so it can work its moisturizing magic while you sleep.


Finally, since using natural materials and imagery is a very hygge way to approach your holiday decor, we’ve included a stunning wooden snowflake ornament from Chalked Signs. The walnut-stained border and gorgeous snowflake illustration allows you to infuse some of winter’s beauty into your decor. The ornament can be hung from your Christmas tree, or you could use it as an accent piece in a holiday vignette — for example, it would make a fantastic addition to a festive hot beverage station.


Transform your kitchen into a cozy haven 

Everyone has certain comfort foods they love to enjoy over the holiday season — this time of year is all about cozy sips and indulgent treats. Lean into that idea and make your kitchen as hygge as possible so you can really soak in that warm atmosphere.

We’ve included a recipe card for a baked Brie dish that is the ideal effortless yet decadent treat to whip up when friends or family come over (or when you want something extra special for a movie night).

And, why not pair your Brie with a delicious beverage? Make a batch of the fragrant Bush Berry honey bush cider tea, which features the festive flavours of cinnamon and apple to accentuate the honey bush. 

Rather than just hurriedly making your tea, take time to serve it on a tray, mindfully arranging all the elements you need as you inhale the tea’s aroma and watch the steam wafting through the air. The Hilborn Pottery teaspoon rest is the perfect decorative yet functional piece to include. Place a small container of honey and a teaspoon or two nearby for anyone who may wish to add a bit of sweetness.

For a little something sweet, finish off your tea tray with a few pieces of the white chocolate peppermint crunch from Christy’s Gourmet. The mix of buttery, crunchy toffee, sweet white chocolate and refreshing peppermint will have you reaching for piece after piece. 

Remember what the holiday season is truly about

The holiday season is often portrayed as being all about gifts and festive experiences but the true spirit of the season is very hygge — it should really just be about slowing down and spending time with loved ones in a cozy environment.

We frequently select candles for the box because they touch on so many elements of hygge — the soft flickering light, the crackling sounds invoking fireplaces offered by wood wick candles such as this one, the scent that fills the air. 

Our holiday box features a candle from Make Candle Co. that comes in a chic matte black vessel that would complement any home’s aesthetic. The pine and juniper fragrance will make you think of winter forests and outdoor adventures, helping to bring nature into your space through scent. Display it with the accompanying sage green dipped matchsticks, which come in a beautiful glass container with a cork stopper, and light it to add hygge ambience during your holiday gatherings

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