The Hygge Holiday Box 2022

While it’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of countless holiday parties and a seemingly endless to-do list, it’s important to remember what this season is really about — spending time with your loved ones. With the thoughtfully-selected items in this box, you can create a hygge atmosphere in your home as you slow down and engage with those around you as the year comes to a close. 

Give your space an extra dose of hygge for the holidays 

While a glamorous party can be a fun way to spend an evening, most of the best memories during the holiday season are formed when you’re spending time at home with the people you care about most. We’ve included a few items to add a bit of hygge to your home, and these neutral pieces will pair perfectly with your home's interior, no matter what your chosen seasonal decor aesthetic is.

One of the most hygge home decor accessories you can incorporate are candles — the flickering light adds a warm ambience that just can’t be replicated. We encourage turning off those harsh overhead lights, at least every now and then, and instead allowing candles to illuminate your space and create that sense of coziness.

From Inhabt, we have a set of knotted candle holders and taper candles. The hand-poured concrete knot design is chic and minimalist, and their petite size means they could fit seamlessly anywhere you want in your home. We’ve included two neutral white taper candles to get you started, but once those have been burned, you can reuse the candle holders with whichever standard-size taper candles you prefer so that you can enjoy the ambience throughout the holiday season and beyond. 

Scents have a completely transformative effect on a space, so we had to include an aromatic accessory as well. The Douglas pine reed diffuser from Lucia Les Saisons allows you to bring the wonderful scents of nature indoors — your home will smell like an enchanted winter forest. And, unlike a candle, you can leave this diffuser unattended, so it will fill your home with a cozy woodsy aroma all day long.  

Indulge in some decadent sips and snacks 

You might have a few go-to family recipes that you always make during the holiday season, but can you ever really have enough sweet treats and comforting beverages while you’re curled up indoors on a frosty day? 

We included Flour & Flower’s rose petal caramel corn in a previous box, but we couldn’t resist incorporating it in this holiday edition as well — it’s that deliciously addictive. The sweet, buttery caramel coating works perfectly with the crunchy popcorn, and the real rose petal pieces scattered throughout add a touch of magic to this snack. It’s a fantastic treat for watching your favourite holiday movie or curling up with a good book. 

And, for a truly special drink, you have to try the Hygge in a Jar cocktail infusion from Maiden Voyage Cocktail Co. This particular blend includes a mixture of pear, orange, lemon, vanilla, cardamom, and clove — all fragrant spices and flavours that are so beloved during this time of year. You can infuse your spirit of choice to create a batch of cocktails ideal for sharing — or, if you prefer a non-alcoholic offering, simply infuse the jar’s contents with hot water to create a festive base for either a steaming hot or sparkling cold beverage. 

Finally, since it can be so rewarding to spend time in the kitchen whipping up sweet treats with (or for) loved ones, we also added a recipe card with instructions for how to make festive peppermint pulled taffy. They’re perfect for gifting or simply displaying in a beautiful bowl for guests to snack on while they’re visiting.

Make your guest areas warm and welcoming 

Whether you have loved ones staying with you over the holiday season or are simply planning on hosting a few gatherings, you’ll want to make sure all the guest areas in your home have a touch of hygge as well. It’s such a thoughtful gesture when unexpected spaces have that extra dose of ambience, not just the main gathering areas in your home. 

Swap out your regular guest bathroom soap with the East Coast Glow Newfoundland Christmas Cake soap. The cold-press soap is created with iceberg water, wild herb infused oils and butters, and is an intoxicating blend of orange, cinnamon, and clove. It’ll turn something as simple as washing your hands into a hygge experience. 

From Wall Flower Designs we’ve included a wooden garland with neutral wood beads interspersed with a few metallic gold painted beads. While this petite garland might get lost amidst the other ornaments and garlands on your tree, it’s the perfect statement piece for a smaller space like a guest bedroom or bathroom. Display or drape it wherever you think it would look best, and enjoy your guests’ delight at the surprising decorative details you’ve incorporated throughout your home. 

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