The "Hello Summer" 2021 Special Edition Box

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Many associate hygge with chilly seasons like fall and winter, when there’s a crispness in the air and the sun sets earlier and earlier each evening. However, we strongly believe hygge is something that can be incorporated year-round, and you’ll find several ways to do just that, thanks to the items in this special edition box.

Make some sustainable swaps for a happy planet

It can feel overwhelming to completely overhaul your routine and find more sustainable options for many of your commonly-used products, but every little bit helps. One easy way to nurture a more sustainable lifestyle is to swap out your to-go cups with a reusable alternative. We’ve included a cheery pale yellow SoL cup from One Less that can be used for both hot and cold beverages. The base of the cup is crafted from 100% hand-blown glass, and it has a thermal sleeve to help keep your hands protected from your icy or steamy drink. Pour in everything from your morning dark roast to a nourishing green smoothie and sip away, knowing you’ll be keeping countless disposable plastic or paper cups out of the landfill.


For a snack to go along with your beverage, we’ve included a sustainable solution to wrapping your treats. We’re obsessed with multi-use beeswax wraps, and while we’ve included them in previous boxes, for our special edition box we added in a beeswax wrap DIY kit from Made by Bees, so you can get the full mindful crafting experience. Each kit contains all the ingredients needed to whip up a few wraps, which you can use over and over again to bring along your morning muffin, afternoon fruit, and more. 

Indulge your sense of whimsy and embrace bold colours 

We’re drawn to knit textures and warming spices like cinnamon in cooler months, but in the summer, we’re all about vibrant colours and bright, fresh flavours. Take some time to rest and rejuvenate with a home spa evening, complete with a full manicure and pedicure, and splash on Pure Anada nail polish in Poolside Pink. The bold hue will bring a smile to your face every time you glance at your fingernails or feet.

To sip while you’re soaking in a bubble bath or relaxing with a face mask, brew up a batch of Summer Splash tea from Lemon Lily. This caffeine-free herbal blend can be enjoyed hot, but for the summer months, we love to serve it over ice. The tea itself has a gorgeous hue thanks to the hibiscus, and features citrus and berry flavour notes, as well as a hint of herbaceous flair courtesy of the lemongrass in the blend. Toss in a pitcher, and make it a special occasion by adding a few slices of fresh orange or lemon and a handful of berries to get the full spa experience. 

Soothe your soul — and your skin

While you may not need a fire to stay warm in summer, flickering candle light adds ambience and a sense of hygge in any season. We encourage you to spend some time sharing memories around a campfire this season, but for a weekday indulgence, you can get a bit of the same feeling by lighting the Camp candle from Waxxed Candle Co. The brand's candles are crafted from coconut oil wax, and the particular scent we’ve included has notes of smoke, amber, clove and sandalwood, for an aroma that smells like you’re bringing the outdoors right into your living room.

You can never have enough moisturizing products to soothe and pamper your skin, and the lip balm from Wild Prairie Soap Company will help combat any chapped lips from your summer adventures. The balms are crafted from cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, and come in many different scents — we included a 3-pack, so you can either stock up or share with your friends.

Snack on some tasty treats

It’s always nice to have something quick and convenient on hand for any unexpected visitors, or for snacking during a long heart-to-heart conversation with a friend — we’ve got that covered for you as well. The box featured the C’Mon Cinnamon mix from Laid Back Snacks, which contains dry roasted almond, cashews, and pecans, spiced to perfection, for a protein-packed snack that no one can resist.


And, for a personalized touch, Hygge in a Box co-founders and sisters Jill and Lisa have shared their own father’s signature summertime gazpacho soup recipe. Make the most of the incredible fresh produce available in the summer months and whip up a batch to serve for a light meal or snack — perhaps with another pitcher of the Summer Splash iced tea.

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