The 2023 Wanderlust Special Edition Box

The term “wanderlust” might spark thoughts of fast-paced vacations that involve packing as many activities into a short time frame as possible. However, we view the idea of hygge-centered wanderlust a bit differently. From our perspective, wanderlust is all about mindful journeys, taking time to truly experience your surroundings and finding ways to engage all your senses.

Whether you decide to go on a quick day trip to a nearby spot, travel to a faraway country, or just treat yourself to a staycation right where you are, the carefully curated items in this special edition box can help bring you a splash of adventure.

Take your tastebuds on a hygge journey

One of the best ways to explore any locale is through food and drink — sampling the cuisine from a region or country can give you a lot of insight into that particular area. However, you can also bring all kinds of exciting flavours right into your kitchen at home, transporting yourself without actually having to travel anywhere. With this in mind, we’ve included something to snack on as well as something to sip in the box.

First, tantalize your taste buds with exotic flavours by whipping up the mango dragon fruit cocktail infusion from Maiden Voyage Cocktail Co. The blend of mango, citrus, and dragon fruit (which also gives the beverage a stunningly vibrant pink hue) will make you feel like you’re lounging on a tropical beach, squishing sand between your toes as you sip an icy beverage. You can either infuse your spirit of choice to create a cocktail base, or simply use hot water to craft a delectable mocktail.

Then, transport yourself to simpler times and sweet memories by whipping up a batch of s’mores cookies with the help of the Jars by Jodi mix. The irresistible blend of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate will conjure up memories of fireside indulgence, and baking is always a very hygge way to spend some time.  

Engage with the great outdoors

You don’t always have to hop on a plane to see an exciting new spot — sometimes, just getting in the car for a day trip to a small village or town nearby can satisfy your wanderlust spirit. 

Set the scene for your journey by bringing along the beautiful hand painted car diffuser from A Pleasant Thought to fill your car with a lovely scent. Patchouli, neroli and orange essential oils combine to create a blend that’s simultaneously refreshing, earthy and floral. If you have any left over, you can even bring along a few s’mores cookies as a snack in the car to tide you over until you reach your destination. 

One of our favourite hygge destinations is any town nestled near the mountains, especially during the cooler seasons when the air is crisp and you have to bundle up in your coziest knits, sipping a steaming beverage as you take in the natural beauty all around you.

When you don’t have the time to jet off to the mountains for a peaceful break, you can enjoy the next best thing — bringing that mountain air right into your home with the help of the Mountain Air paint tin candle from Weekday Candles

The woodsy forest and clove aroma and the crackling sound of the wooden wick as it burns will create a hygge ambience wherever you decide to burn it. Try truly immersing yourself in the wanderlust spirit by reading a book or watching a movie set in a mountainous locale as the scent fills the air around you. 

Weave some wanderlust into your daily routine

Wanderlust, like hygge, is a mindset. Even if you have no trips on the horizon, you can still indulge your adventurous spirit by incorporating dashes of wanderlust into your normal routine.

The Good Morning toner and body spray from k’pure Naturals features grapefruit, ginger, and spearmint essential oils, a trio that will have you feeling invigorated and ready for any adventure. Use it as a toner, spritzing it on as part of your skincare routine, and then toss the bottle into your bag for a refreshing burst of aroma during the day when you need an energy boost.

From the same brand we’ve also included the Smooch super moisturizing lip balm, which will ensure your adventures won’t be interrupted by dry, chapped lips. 

To further fuel your adventures, check out the recipe card for overnight oats. We love the blend of blueberries, cinnamon and maple syrup, but just as you can mix up the toppings you choose, you could incorporate different fruits and seasonings to try out flavours from around the world using the recipe as a base. For example, why not use the infusion mix as inspiration and incorporate diced mango and dragonfruit instead of blueberries for a tropical twist?

Then when you’re getting dressed for the day, accessorize with the Equinox statement cuff from Giftologie. The cuff adds a touch of colour and print to even the simplest outfits, and the inscription reminds you to remain mindful and present in your life, keeping hygge at the heart of everything you do. 

Finally, the Weeping Willow linen pouch, also from Giftologie, is a versatile item for all your future adventures. Toss in your essentials as you get ready to head out, whether that’s simply some money and your phone, earbuds so you can add a soundtrack to your wandering, a few of your beloved skincare products, or perhaps a mini notebook to do some gratitude journaling. The stylish pouch will keep everything contained, and the combination of zipper and wrist strap will ensure your belongings remain secure.   

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