The 2021 Mother's Day Special Edition Box


For 364 days a year, mothers spend so much of their time taking care of everyone else in their lives. So, for that one special day all about them, we think they more than deserve to simply relax, focus on themselves, and indulge in some decadent self-care. Our 2021 Mother’s Day Special Edition box has everything you need to have an incredible day of pampering.

First, set the scene. Our surroundings have an enormous impact on our overall mood and well-being, and just a few small touches can make a major difference. Fresh flowers are one of our favourite indulgences for the home — not only are you bringing nature inside, but there are just so many breathtaking blooms out there. However, they don’t exactly last forever, which is why having a few dried floral bouquets can be such a game changer. The box featured an arrangement from Hygge Space Co. in a neutral colour palette with a few feminine pops of pink, housed in a minimalist white curved vase. The bouquet is petite enough to fit just about anywhere in your home that needs a bit of beauty. Pair them with the adorable Candylabs tangerine candies. The small patterned sugar gems are almost too pretty to eat, and would look stunning in your favourite shallow vessel to enjoy throughout the day.

Then, light the grapefruit and garden candle from Misoyo. It comes in a stunning reusable rose gold tin, and the candle itself is a blend of beeswax and coconut wax for a clean burn. As for the scent, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better combination for spring.  The dominant grapefruit scent gives it a bright, fresh citrus aroma, and the notes of rosemary and orchid add some herbaceous, floral notes. Enjoy the fragrance floating through your space as you brew a cup of white strawberry tea. The blend from New Moon Tea has a delicate flavour with a hint of ripe sun-soaked summer strawberries, and the act of straining out the leaves when your cup has brewed will introduce an element of mindfulness to the whole routine. If you’re the type who loves to bake, you could also whip up a treat to complement the fruity brew. Our founders, Lisa Kroft and Jill Kantor, added a personal touch to this box by including a note card with a recipe for their own mother’s lemon poppyseed bundt cake.


Move things to your own personal home spa set-up after that (and bring the candle along with you — the 6 oz. candle has about 25 hours of burn time, so you can enjoy the scent throughout the entire day). We’ve included an innovative product from Camria Beauty that will level up your bath experience. The lemongrass verbena bath dust has all the body-soothing benefits of Epsom salt with the added magical fizz and whimsical colour of bath bombs. The steaming water will be beautifully scented and will leave your skin feeling moisturized and glowing. Before you sink into that tub, get your favourite playlist going on your phone so you can listen while you’re soaking your worries away.

Lock that moisture into your skin by slathering on some of the luxurious hand and body cream from Pure Anada. We’ve also included a bottle of foaming hand soap from the same brand, to keep that spa feel in your bathroom for weeks to come. 

Wrap up the night with a good book or stack of magazines, and get your beverage of choice — anything from a second steaming mug of tea to a ruby red glass of pinot noir will do. Enjoy with the lemon Herbes de Provence cookies from Real Treat, a few small bites that are packed with zesty citrus and a whisper of lavender and thyme for a unique flavour.

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