International Hygge Day 2022 Limited Edition Box

It’s no secret that February 28 holds a special place in our hearts — it’s International Hygge Day! It can be easy to let mindful habits slide during busy seasons of life — let this day serve as a reminder to incorporate hygge into your daily rhythms and routines.

Take time for a restful coffee break

The Swedes practice something called fika — while it’s essentially a coffee break, in practice, it’s so much more than that. Fika means pausing your work and taking a bit of time to chat with a friend or colleague, sip some coffee, and have a treat. When you return to your work after the break, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle what comes next.

To foster that spirit in your own schedule, we’ve included a delectable product from Toasti Bean, their Caramel Sticky Bun coffee.  Brew a cup or two, enjoy the flavour notes of caramelized brown sugar, and spend a few minutes catching up with a friend. While this coffee is delicious black, it’s particularly indulgent if you add in a splash of your preferred milk to really bring out those dessert flavours.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat to enjoy alongside your fresh-brewed coffee, nibble on a few Watermelon Sours from Sugarjoy. The brand uses Scandinavian recipes and only the best ingredients — plus, they look absolutely beautiful displayed in your favourite dish or jar.   

A bit of fresh air is the perfect way to enhance your mid-day break. Pull on your soft, cozy cowl from Grey Matter Collection and head outside for a short walk. Even just taking a few minutes to walk around the block a couple times can be incredibly beneficial for your well-being, both physically and mentally, as you stretch your legs and spend some time in nature. 

Luxuriate in a relaxing bubble bath

There’s a reason we include so many bath products in our boxes — there’s just something so soothing about leaving all your worries at the door and sliding into a steaming bubble bath, perhaps with your favourite book in hand and a calming drink nearby.

To help level up your next few baths, try out the Black Raspberry Vanilla Bubble Bath from Smooch Bath and Body. Just pour a bit under running water in your bathtub, and wait as your bathroom fills with the incredible fragrance of berries, coconut, peach, and bergamot. 

To make the atmosphere in your bubble bath even more hygge, light the Nordic Seaside Candle from Hygge Life. The candle comes in a small footed planter with a neutral colour scheme and stunning contrast of textures. Enjoy the crackling wooden wick and complex aroma incorporating notes of bergamot, cardamom, and cypress. Once you’ve used up the candle over the course of several baths, the planter can be reused — the company even has instructions on the box for how to do so safely. When your vessel is free of any wax residue, it’ll be the perfect spot to store bathroom trinkets like bobby pins and elastics.

Tap into your creative side  

Crafting has been proven to be incredibly beneficial for your mental well-being, and we’re thrilled to include a beautiful craft kit from Moongazing Studio. The macramé feathers kit includes everything you need to make a gorgeous piece that you can use to add beauty to any ordinary corner of your home.

If the craft kit has you wanting to add even more art to your space, you’re in luck — this month’s box contents note card is a little bigger than usual, because one side features an illustrated hygge print you may want to consider framing as a reminder to incorporate hygge principles into your routine.

Spend meaningful time with loved ones

There are many items that can help us cultivate hygge in our lives, such as candles or cozy knit socks. However, warmth doesn’t just come from the things around us — it comes from the people we cherish. It can be fun to gather around a puzzle or board game with your loved ones, and we happen to absolutely love the final item in this box, a card game from Hygge Games.

Simply titled The Hygge Game, the easy-to-transport box contains a stack of cards that each have questions on them. However, unlike trivia games, you won’t be scrambling for specific answers — instead, you’ll be encouraging the people you’re with to really dive through their memories and contemplate the things they value.

It’s even better if you’ve already created a hygge environment filled with things like flickering candles and soothing beverages — you’ll have set the stage for the cards to spark some wonderful conversations.

Photos courtesy of Try Small Things

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