Hygge on Mother’s Day


For all Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Wives, Girlfriends and any special women in your life.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mothers and mother-figures are incomparable, and Mother’s Day is an occasion which is celebrated in various parts of the world to express our respect, honor, and love towards them. My personal belief is and has been, that we should always show our mothers (and other significant female figures) the appreciation they deserve; it doesn’t need to be limited to only one day on the calendar rather, everyday. However, Mother’s Day around the globe has become widely recognized and despite consumerism slowly overpowering authenticity, the day will be a reminder of what these special women do for us. Even though we can treat our mothers on any day throughout the year, this celebrated occasion gives us an excuse to express our utmost gratitude.

With that in mind, there are so many wonderful and very Hyggelig ways to commemorate this day …Hyggelig refers to a feeling, mood, atmosphere and spirit. It contains something pleasant, relaxed, safe, comfortable and recognizable. Hyggelig is usually inadequately translated as “coziness”. Below are just a few ideas to create such moments:

Have a Picnic:  The beautiful outdoors and delicious food make for lasting memories. Find the perfect spot to present her favorite foods—all wrapped up beautifully in a picnic basket.

Explore the Great Outdoors:  Get outside and enjoy the fresh air; whether you go for a long hike, a short walk or a bike ride, it will feel great to get out and get moving. Be mindful of the natural beauty around you.

Check Out a Yoga Class:  Yoga is calming as it is but relaxing with mom by your side will be a great bonding experience.

Get Gardening: Gardening is a great stress reliever! Buy mom a nice fruit tree, lilac bush, or new garden seedling and help her by planting it together. Or, help to spring clean her garden. The fresh air and bonding will be much appreciated.

Treat Mom to a Spa Day:  Many spas have specials for mother and daughter or even mom and son treatment packages in the months leading up to Mother’s Day. Plan something like a massage and soak, facial, pedicure and anything that will have her saying “Calgon, take me away”!  Also, a spa day can be an at home spa experience too – bring her bath bombs, bubble bath, a great book, candles for the bathroom. Get creative.

Take a Painting, Succulent Arranging or Pottery Class: No matter what her skill level (and yours), she’ll love making something to commemorate the special day.

Volunteer & Support Your Community: Spend the day volunteering for a cause close to both of your hearts.

Sign Up for a Cooking Class:  There are cooking classes everywhere from community clubs to posh restaurants.  Trying some new cuisines and recipes can be an adventure that you’ll both enjoy.  You can also look online for some new recipes and create an at home cooking class, video it for some added fun.

Go Antiquing:  Head to different antique stores around town to “window shop” and/or help her find some treasures. It’s so fun to imagine the history behind each object.

Bake Something Together: Even better, if in season, go berry picking and bake some tasty berry filled treats.  Use any left overs to make jam!

Visit a Farmers’ Market: Walking around a farmer’s market on a nice spring day is such a great way to enjoy the fresh air, check out the goodies and taste some yummy treats.

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day If You Can’t Be Together: Call on the phone, or better yet, use a video chat service like Skpe or Google Hangout to talk “face to face” and let the kiddos tell their Granny exactly what they love best about her. Skype a DIY spa day.  Skype while watching your favourite show or movie together.  Recreate an old childhood photo for her.  Have a cake delivered to her.  Tell her all the reasons you admire her. Set Up a Flower Delivery.  Send a hygge filled care package. Plan a virtual Book Club with Mom.

Whatever you choose to do, let her know that you love her, honour her, admire her… this can be done in 3 simple words “I love you” … this is the ultimate hygge!

Happy Mothers Day.

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