Hygge on Earth Day


Here Are Some Hyggelig Ways to Show Your Gratitude for Our Earth and Nature:

1. Be in Nature: Pack a Picnic and Go for a Hike Through the Forest, a Walk in The Park or Stroll Along the Beach (And Pick Up Any Garbage)

2. Get Cozy & Relax: Sit by a Bonfire in Your Backyard at Night and Look Out for Shooting Stars

3. Feed Our Nature Friends: Put Some Bird Seeds Out for Our Feathery Friends

4. Get Creative: Make A Craft/DIY Project With Recycled and Reused Items

5. Gardening Time: Start Planting Seeds in Your Garden – Select New (Never Been Grown) Vegetables to Plant This Summer – Zucchini, Squash, Parsnip, Turnip Etc.

6. Conserve Water: Source Rain Barrels (I Love the Wooden Ones) and Install to Use for Garden to Reduce Water Usage, Take Shorter Showers, Turn Off Tap While Brushing Teeth

7. Make New Friends: Support Local Producers for Meats, Poultry, Eggs, Honey, Fair Trade, Locally Roasted Coffee and Join a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) in the Spring

8. Spring Clean & Give: Reduce and Clear Out the Unused and Unnecessary Household Items from Toys, Clothes, Housewares and Give to Organizations That Are in Need.

9. Go Green Inside: Create Homemade DIY Household Cleaners, Compost, Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

10. Use Less Energy: Keep Lights Off and Use Candles at Night for A Soft Glow

There are so many ways to show our Earth that we care… these are just a few that are quick, easy and low cost.

Happy Earth Day!

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