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Guest Blog Post by Do Good Paper Co. for Hygge in a Box

Creating a LISTS Spiral Notepad was probably one of our best ideas. At Do Good Paper Co., we’ve received so much great feedback from customers, and realized there is a huge population of list makers out there! If you’re a Hygge in a Box subscriber, you may have received one of these perfectly-sized notepads in your most recent box.

If you don’t know what to do with it, read on! If you already know what to do with it, read on too, because I have a list of different lists you may not have considered making.

But first, let me explain a few things about the design of the LISTS Spiral Notepad.

  • First, there are checkboxes pre-printed on every single page.
  • Second, there is space at the top for you to name your list.
  • It’s a spiral notepad, so you can rip out pages if you need to take them to the store. And if that’s not necessary, well then you have all your lists in one place. No more lost to-do’s and wish lists.

So here we go. I grouped my list ideas into a few categories.

  1. To-Do Lists

This may seem like an obvious category because it is, and because it’s IMPORTANT! Creating daily, weekly and even monthly to-do’s is a sure way to stay on top of things and have a sense of accomplishment. Get even more specific if you’re an uber-organized person:

  • Chores
  • Errands
  • “Honey Do”
  • To call or email
  • Home projects (like go through that catch-all drawer, organize the cleaning products under the laundry sink, donate clothes, organize the Lego sets, etc.)
  1. Shopping Lists

Yes, another obvious one. But I’m not just talking about quick hits like a typical grocery list. How about these, which are totally relevant for this time of year?

  • Wish list (for yourself)
  • Gifts for others and budget
  • Small businesses to support
  • Charities to make a donation to
  • Winter gear for the whole family
  • Supplies for work (for us, it’s things like shipping labels, boxes, tissue paper, tape, etc.)
  1. Business-related Lists

Besides stocking up on supplies, here are some other ideas that might be useful if you’re an entrepreneur.

  • Client list to send holiday gifts/cards to
  • Prospect list (to get new customers)
  • Tax documents
  • Blog topics
  • Social media content ideas
  • Design ideas (jewellery, stationery, candle scents, etc.)
  1. Past-time

It shouldn’t be all work, so let’s make sure to have some balance and create lists for fun things. This way, we keep them top of mind and inspire ourselves to try new things.

  • Recipes to try
  • Gratitude, affirmations and prayers
  • Books to read
  • Movies to watch
  • Playlist
  • New winter activities to try locally
  • Countries visited and future vacation destinations

It’s the best time of year, but also the most chaotic time of year. Stay organized so you can enjoy the bliss of the season.

What do you think – any other types of lists you would add?

-Written by Leslie Tan


Leslie Tan is the owner of Do Good Paper Co., a Canadian online stationery company that offers beautiful journals, notebooks, and planners. Her passions are photography, travelling, and nature, and she feels blessed to be able to integrate them all into her business. She also donates a portion of all online sales to an environmental organization, as giving back is also very important to her.

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